Monday, August 9, 2021

Snowman Poop Printable Label

At last, the official Snowman Amuck "Snowman Poop" printable label. 

Give your kids a laugh with this easy craft project. They can share the fun with friends and family. For an extra special gift pair "Snowman Poop" with a canister of hot chocolate mix, Christmas mugs or even a print copy of Snowman Amuck

Download and print label here: PDF of Snowman Poop Label

What You Need

Snowman Amuck "Snowman Poop" label
plastic sandwich bags (6 1/2 inches wide)
mini marshmallows
standard stapler


1) Download and print the Snowman Amuck "Snowman Poop" label. Print a label for each bag you want to make. You can use regular paper, but a heavier paper or card stock will work even better. Download and print label here: PDF of Snowman Poop Label

2) Cut out the label and fold in half along the center white line.

Cut out label and fold along the center white line.

3) Put approximately 1 1/2 cups of mini marshmallows into the sandwich bag.

4) Next, place the top 2 inches of the sandwich bag between the label as pictured below.

5) For the last step, staple the bag in place. Two staples should be enough. Be sure to staple all the way through.

And there you have it - the official Snowman Amuck "Snowman Poop."